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lucena paraiba guide joao pessoa guideWelcome to the Lucena, Paraiba, the best kept secret in north east Brazil.

It’s a tropical paradise, lined with miles of deserted palm fringed beaches and clear turquoise sea, which makes Lucena in the state of Paraiba, a tranquil haven perfect for laid back holidays and an easier way of life.

Come in and discover one of Brazil’s, maybe the world’s, last true stretches of tropical ocean wilderness.

Lucena Paraiba Brazil Paraiba Property  joao pessoa (2)Hidden colonial architecture, pristine jungle trails, secret lagoons and natural sea-fed pools add to the unique charm of Lucena. All just half an hour from Joao Pessoa, one of the Brazil’s oldest and most beautiful colonial state capitals – an International Heritage Site and officially the world’s second greenest city.

Only accessible by ferryboat or a long drive through remote coconut plantations, Lucena offers the best of both worlds. The tranquillity of a small island community close to the modern amenities of Joao Pessoa, which is fast becoming a major Brazilian business centre.

An influx of recession dodgers and adventurous retirees, along with self-employed new technology professionals, musicians, writers and teachers, have given Paraiba a cosmopolitan buzz over the last decade, and nowhere more so than Lucena. But the strong tradition of farming and fishing still dominates life in this part of the world and time passes slowly, marked only by the many festivals and holidays littering the Brazilian calendar.

lucena paraiba joao pessoa northh east brazilLucena has developed a reputation as a popular escape, not just for Brazilians but also a growing number of ex-pats seeking their own piece of tropical paradise. The gentle influx of newcomers now means most stores, bars and restaurants cater for international tastes, but you’ll never have to wait for a table or fight for your spot on the beach.

Lucena Paraiba the website has everything you need to know about things to do, places to see, eat and drink as well as details of businesses, services and travel in Lucena and the whole north Paraiba coast.

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